31 Oct 2010

Goodbye and tot ziens, Maastricht!

I have just left Maastricht permanently. It was very busy two weeks of last lunches, last suppers (lol), last volleyball trainings.. and moreover, packing packing packing. It is absolutely unbelievable how much stuff humans accumulate. Or it's not humans, it's just me. Anyways, 140 kg of only my personal belongings are travelling to Poland with the post as we speak, and, fingers crossed, they shall arrive mid of next week.

I don't want to take time here saying how much Maastricht means to me, cause it sounds so overdramatic when I try to express it. Let's just say that I will not forget how amazing time I had there with great great people.

Above the poster that I got from my friends...

I will be back! Xmas party, here I come :)

21 Oct 2010

When you feel sad & depressed with autumn...

...check out Lauren Moffatt collection. For me it works: I just start to be excited about layering of clothes and woolen big hats!

20 Oct 2010

Beautiful revolution

I encountered the website beautiful revolution by a coincidence but I absolutely love the style of the cards there! I hope you like them too!

15 Oct 2010


Yesterday I finished my work in Maastricht. For a couple more days I will be hanging around in Maastricht and at the end of the month I will move to Poland.

I must say last days at work are extremely nice. People that usually don't express that much are telling you how much they appreciate your work, your team instead of playing practical joke on you (lol) is cutting the badge leashes and combining them as a ribbon on the package of the goodbye poster... amazing...

I realize how much I am gonna miss my company, only because of the people that are there. So many fun people in one building is very difficult to find!

Thank you, all the CAC people, for all the good times!

PS: remember when I got a birthday present of all kinds of nail polishes from my team? Below my little present to them on my last working day :)

12 Oct 2010

What I wore this week?

Do you know Brinja from Danemark? If not, quick introduction.
Brinja has an adorable daughter. I need to start from that because the girl is just so cute, especially when paired together with the daughter of her sister! You probably also have that, that when you see a picture of a kid, it makes you go like "oooohhhhhhhhhhhh". Yes. So now imagine that the picture contains two equally cute little baby girls! (and the word "equally" in this case can be taken literally).
Moreover, and maybe more relevant to this post, Brinja has a blog. And the blog (don't worry, I am getting there with my story!) contains a very cool serie called "What you wore this week".

Aaaand I was featured this week, check it out yourself! See, that was the point of the story, hahaha!


9 Oct 2010

Sunny and delightful

Today was such a lovely day in Maastricht!
/picture via angela & ithyle

And the weather forecast made me smile:

From sunny and mild we are progressing to sunny and pleasant in order to finish on Monday by feeling sunny and delightful!

So pretty!!

Thanks to my friend Fabio I saw the movies of Vimeo festival and I loved this one.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

Nuit Blanche from Spy Films on Vimeo.

4 Oct 2010

Sth About Holland

Looking through my profile on Facebook I found back a note I wrote one and a half years ago "12 reasons why I like Holland". Now, facing my moving back to Poland within 3 weeks of time, is I think a good time to post the note here!

1. For the average height. 185 for guys, 171 for girls. Would I have a life in, let's say, Wietnam (respectively162 and 152)...?

2. For the sincere highest appreciation for anything that could be called sun.

3. For teaching me how to bike properly. Anyone who thinks he knows it, I say, come over and try it here. Try in heavy rain, with wind blowing straight into your face, up the bridge (cause there are no hills). In a skirt. Tight skirt, I suggest.

4. For having no hills around - biking wouldn't be possible. For hiking, Belgium is round the corner.

5. For lazy Sunday afternoons in Coffee Lovers. Actually, Coffee Lovers could be a reason in itself.

6. For Stroopwafels. Full of calories, but so freakin' good!

7. For continuous misspelling my name and/or address on the tickets from a police.

8. For daring to play Dutch carnival/oktoberfest songs at the parties in the bars. First found it annoying, now amusing.

9. For no dubbing in TV. Germany has a lot to learn in this respect.

10. For the greatest celebration in the year..... when Santa is coming to town (three weeks, by the way).

11. For the funniest sound of bye - "OI OI"

12. For no longer "you, in Maastricht" but "we in Maastricht".

PS: Small correction about reason 8: I still find it annoying. I must have been in a really good mood when writing that note, haha! The rest of the reasons still valid!

3 Oct 2010

Look after yourself

Two days ago I had a traumatising experience. I was robbed when biking home from the city in the middle of the night. Living for almost two and a half years in Maastricht, that is widely perceived as one of the safest places in the world, I used to make fun of people who would ask me if I am not afraid to bike alone back after dark. I used to make fun of it, because I couldn't imagine what could happen to me.. I'm a fast biker, I can drive over anyone who wants to stop me on my way, that's what I used to say.

Well this post is to tell you all (especially girls) that bad things can happen and they happen fast and unexpected. No matter how fierce you are, better ensure that nothing happens to you. Until you experience it, you cannot imagine a feeling when u are suddenly attacked by a stranger in the night.

So my appeal here today to all of you. If you don't like to ask guys for favors, just take the taxi home.


I saw some shots from Karen Walker collection via one of my fav blogs Turned Out by Maya and I had to check out the autumn/winter collection.

See for yourself below, but I really adore it. The fabrics, the brown flats, the huge caps, but especially the outfits with over-knee socks. Probably because I keep on buying the over-knees and I never have guts to actually put them on :)

The collection sets me in a very autumnish mood and makes me think of this song

Have a good Sunday everyone!