31 Jan 2010

Sunday cheering

Nice Sunday, Maastricht still in snow but also in the sun, which is a combination very rare to experience in here... We decided to go in the afternoon for a basketball game in the village nearby. A friend of us was playing, which made us particularly dedicated to cheering:) Our team lost, but we still enjoyed it!

I specially liked watching this little girl playing with the ball almost as big as herself :)

30 Jan 2010


My room is not changing into a sophisticated palace any time soon, but I definitely like the recent change of the couch and table: so here is for you to visualize:

28 Jan 2010

Passive admirer of printed leggins

I'm absolutely jelous for the girls who have legs skinny enough to be able to pull off the look with printed leggins... Still, amazed with how wonderfully colourful they are, I put below my favourites!

26 Jan 2010

Winter in Berlin

Unfortunately the table I bought has magically grew bigger between the shopping time and the time of delivery. But not to be worried, there is plan B!

Another table has to go and the fridge is being moved to another corner. I will try to do it today, but for now I am relaxing by watching pictures from the A/W 2010 Berlin Fashion Week ... Here is a couple of my favourite picks!

23 Jan 2010

Couch surfing

So I needed a new couch. My old couch was quite brutally taken away from me and looking for the new one I started first with the used furniture shop, recommended by some friends.
Quite dodgy place, I must say, but I was trully amazed with a relatively big choice and VERY attractive prices. VERY attractive.

All in all I ended up buying a couch AND a table.. now the big question is "will it fit, will it fit?". The answer comes on Monday afternoon!

But once I was on the topic of couches, I was looking up some interior designs of slightly more sophisticated nature and I found this website... Look at this chair and tables, I find them charming and funny!

20 Jan 2010

Faded love

Strolling through some collections for S/S 2010, I have been desperately looking for those, that would show more colours than the simple classic blacks, browns, beiges and whites that have already conquered winter. Guess what, before I was finished with the search, to my surprise, I fell in love with the those peaceful coloured collections... Maybe it's not everlasting love, maybe my need for colours will take over some point soon but for now... i think I am fading this season.

While you're reading.

Pictures from Vogue

18 Jan 2010

Happy Birthday, Sis!

My dearest sister is having her birthday (the number of years is totally irrelevant and lets skip this part). There is one particular thing that she currently wants very very much - let it come true, Gunieczku!

13 Jan 2010

Love it or hate it...

The colour of my new jeans strongly says 'love me or hate me'. Personally, I am definitely by the love option, but don't worry if you are closer to hate. As they say, hate is one step from love, so those of you who hate maybe change their mind when connecting the colour combination with this painting by Hopper.

Unfortunately these days when I am at home after work the light is quite limited - so imagine that the jeans' colour is a drunk mix of green and blue, meeting beige on the way back from the party.

10 Jan 2010

not so lazy Sunday

Today, when going through some papers, I found my notes from the Modern Art museum in Stockholm and remembered my favourite painting from that museum: Insomnia, by Dorothea Tanning. Isn't it magical?

9 Jan 2010

Do we want Urban Outfitters in the Netherlands?

My New Year's resolution: to be more careful with spending money on the usual "tangible assets" -> clothes/bags/scarves. After conversation with my money-saving guru (that happens to be my grandma) I decided not to let the evil clothing stores get to me with their 30% off. Seriously, if everything is cheaper during the sales season, why I have always been finishing up broke at the end of those months?

Current store location of Urban Outfitters is very helpful in this case - the closest store from Maastricht is in Antwerp...
Below are some items that are now on sale and that make me wonder... is it REALLY lucky that the store is 3 hours away?

And here are the pearls of the new collection:

8 Jan 2010

The more he looked inside, the more Piglet wasn't there

Hello everyone to my new blog. I was wondering whether I should have one and I figured that although my life is fairly ordinary, there are so many good, silly or just pretty things around me that I would like to show or write about. And therefore the blogging starts - as of now.

First bit about myself: I like quotations. I especially like quotations coming from the world of Winnie the Pooh. The quotations from Winnie the Pooh are special and wondering why that is, I think that because they are simple, yet can be interpreted on a deeper level. The simplicity is to such extend that it makes you laugh, the deeper meaning - think. And thats what it is all about...

This cartoon has been always the most sentimental to me, mostly thanks to the Eeyore who with his totally pesimistic approach never fails to make me laugh. Actually, did you know that Eeyore even has his officialy celebrated birthday party? The whole thing happens in April in the US and I was totally over the top when I first found out about it. (If you want to learn more about it, visit http://eeyores.org/)

After looking at the pictures, I was amazed how one event can so smoothly combine the elements of kinderparty

and of love parade?