27 Jun 2010

Meravigliosa Cracovia...

DIY - mother's day edition :)

As I mentioned couple of posts ago, there was supposed to be more of my jewellery DIY variations... So here comes the necklace, worn by the new owner (hopefully a satisfied one...)Happy Mother's Day!

Actually, my mum also gave me a necklace that I absolutely adore (because it's so crazy colourful!!!!)


17 Jun 2010

Posko, nadciagam!

Wohoo, tomorrow I'm going to Poland for a little visit! Cannot wait to see my crazy family and later next week, all my dear friends!

Luckily I already managed to make the schedule packed so that I can see as many of my friends as possible. Thank you guys for always being patient with me and my tight deadlines... Happy to see you soon!

16 Jun 2010

Selah Sue for those who didn't hear yet

Oh this has been a busy beginning of the weekend. Lots of socializing, which I love, and more importantly, need. And tomorrow will be even more fun, since tomorrow I'm going for the Selah Sue concert.

Below is one of my favourite songs of Selah.. unbelivable how such a young artist can compose (yes, she does it herself) and sing the music so mature. She reminds me a bit of Nneka, so if you like Nneka, definitely check out Selah's music!

Yay, cannot wait for tomorrow evening:)

12 Jun 2010

DIY - my new earrings!

I made my new earings using the little ribbons that are usually attached to new clothes, you know, so that they dont fall off the hanger. Which is exactly why the colour of the ribbon matches exactly the colour of the t-shirt that I want to wear it with. The creative usage of those ribbons is a genious idea of my friend Aude :)

Now I just came back from shopping for more jewellery bits, so the saga will continue...

7 Jun 2010

Fashionclash - interiors

Fashionclash is a great annual event organized by a group of young designers from Maastricht, in Maastricht.

Exhibitions, fashion shows, street hunting and more, starting Friday afternoon, finishing Sunday. My friend Aude and I went for the Sunday events... And since I just bought new camera... I went a bit bizzare with making pictures... But today I will post only the documentation of beautifuly arranged interior of the Timmerfabrik, where the event was taking place. More photos of the event to follow :) no worries... :P

5 Jun 2010

For summer I need! Part 2

... Cycling shorts

(in the worst case scenario some leggins and scissors :P)

4 Jun 2010

I cannot express myself...

... cuz it's so fresh and unexpected and lovely asymetric, clear and crazy at the same time

luv it

Peter Pilotto, found via Opening Ceremony

2 Jun 2010