17 Apr 2011

Lazy Saturday

It was a lovely Saturday yesterday with lots of wandering around Kraków. Plus, I was extremely happy I could finally put on my happy-colour trousers :)

11 Apr 2011

The joys of bathing

Well, my nephew Leon seems not to care if the whole world is on his head:)

6 Apr 2011

Birds nest or pretty woman look...

...everyone can decide on their own :)
I obviously chose pretty woman option :P

1 Apr 2011


Have you heard of her yet? Pandemonia is a new element in the first rows of fashion shows, being a 2 metres tall figure dressed in a plastic costume. Looks cool :)

Pandemonia has her own blog, here is an extract from one interview published there:
SalonSpotter: What do you think of plastic surgery? Pandemonia: Everything’s plastic these days. I simply went the full way. Going totally glossy is the next logical step in perfection. It’s the ultimate packaging! I’ve got that shiny, new you, look.