26 Sep 2010

As I got older

... recently I have celebrated my birthday - and I was lucky enough to celebrate it in Poland and in Holland! Good planning, huh? :)

I got amazing presents from my dearest in both countries! I will not post the pictures of all of them, but some of them are just so decorative, that I had to make a picture and show it to you!! As you will see from the pictures, there is a new brand Maison Scotch in Maastricht, that we are recently highly influenced by!

24 Sep 2010

Lovin' it

Dries van Noten collection Fall 2010

Right in time when I should start dressing smartly as a mature consultant that I am soon to become

PS: News of the week: time of the hair buns is over! Garance said that and if she says it, there is nothing left to do but to believe...