28 Aug 2010

Close, but not stilleto :)

Hahaha, I just took this quiz recommened by How About Orange.

Try it yourself, it's quite tricky! I got 4 out of 6 right, which means that I am close, but not stilleto. Still, I am so lucky that I did not go below 3 - being designer DNA defficient would just ruin my weekend! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!

23 Aug 2010

Unfortunately the end of the summer is approaching... It is not happy news but my itinerary for September is nice enough to keep me looking forward to the beginning of autumn.
Even though, it is nice to look back at the summer photos to realize, we have done a lot of cool stuff together!

21 Aug 2010

Alexa Chung for Madewell fall collection

Hmm... It is a bit playing with my own feelings, when I watch the previews of the fall collection of Madewell by Alexa Chung. Even Madewell prices are not very affordable for me plus it means again shipping from US... Probably not gonna happen, but still, so nice to see those pieces!

16 Aug 2010

I luv Greece...

I did not get yet to write about Greece. And Greece was amazing. I still keep my flight ticket, just for memory:)

What I will remember the most and why:

1) Very top of Lukavittos hill in the middle of the night - for amazing view and thoughts on how suprisingly small this world is

2) Anafiotika - for wondering how this cute maze of tiny little streets and houses can be hidden so well in peace, just 5 minutes away from the "city jungle"...*

3) Stoned wall on the outer side of Hydra - for beautiful sunset, amazing view on the harbour and no crowd around.

4) Open air cinema in the heart of Athens - for carefuly selected good movies that you have never had a chance to see before, for a view on Akropolis and for cinema time with simultanous cigarette and ice cream!

5) Cute restaurant right by the sea in the ancient Epidavros. For good mood and good food.

6) Enlighted petrol stations in the middle of the night. For petrol, when you think you are not gonna make it home cause all other stations are closed...

7) Tent almost next to sea - for the simplicity of good time

*Every now and then you might see a lost tourist desperately looking for entrance to Akropolis and melting fast in 40 degrees sun.

13 Aug 2010

Getting older

No, I do not have birthday today... However, today morning, I was checking the Facebook of my dear cousin Ola and I loved the songs that she was posting there - and I realized, I didn't know those songs! That's the music of the next generation! I used to show her my music!! Now my little cousin is all grown up and instead, I m all old and outdated...aaaaaaaaa!

Promise number 1: by checking the music of my cousin, I will pretend that I m following the music developments.

If promise number 1 fails, I will

Promise number 2: keep my grounds that back in the days the music was simply better. :)

As for today's fullfillment of promise number 1, here is to all of you who, as me, realized, after 25 its easy to become very quickly much less cool...

3 Aug 2010


Do you know the feeling of everlasting considerations before choosing outfit that is just in? I don't know about you, but I always keep on wondering which trends are suitable for me, what can I/can't I pull off?

Below some thinking for you to do... what do you choose?

Pictures from (top left to bottom right):
Megan Park
Nasty Gal
Turned Out
That's Chic
Nasty Gal
Thinking Tank