28 Feb 2010

Maison Moschino

I have read about the upcoming opening of a new hotel in Milan, designed by Moschino and I couldnt resist to check out the pictures of the interior. I like the Maison Moschino's design very much, because although the typical for this brand element of fun and love is involved in each element of the hotel, they managed to keep the whole interior clear and organized. Look how nicely you can see resemblence between their S/S10 collection and the hotel design!

Pictures of the S/S10 collection found on style.com

27 Feb 2010

Some swimming?

Oh finally some blogging! I am sorry for the long break in writing, I don't know when my time was going...

Anyhow, this week I went to the town in search for a one-piece swimming suit. We have talked with my colleagues a bit about the swimming suits and I was surprised by the general opinion that the one-piece swimming suits are out-of-date. Well, I personally think they are experiencing a big come back. One-piece are cool because:
- they are more comfy
- they hide your tommy, if you are not ready for the summer just yet
- they are harder to lose: just one piece to keep track of, rather than two!

So here is the proof: below the nicest and coolest one-piece swimming suits that I managed to find! Lets get ready for some swimming:)

21 Feb 2010

Pecha Kucha Night @ AINSI

Today evening we went to a Pecha Kucha night, which is an event meant for sharing insights/ ideas of artists of all sorts. Sharing of the ideas is done via presentations, each of presentations contains 20 slides and each slide takes 20 seconds.
In the end, for some presentations the 20 seconds felt more like 5 minutes, but I still liked the event and I especially like the vendor: AINSI building. AINSI stands for Art, Industry, Nature, Society, Innovation and is a cultural center placed in an old factory building.

18 Feb 2010

Do It Yourself

In the next days, whenever I will have some more time on my hands, I will definitely search for some silk ribbons and a simple chain for the neck. Why? Because I would like to make a necklace, just like the one from Lee Angel that you can see below. This one, found on net-a-porter is a bit pricy (189 eur)... And besides, if I get to do it myself, I can think of my own colour combination! Perfect; my grandma would be so proud :)

15 Feb 2010

Love for the Lover

I am deeply and madly in love. My love comes from Australia, maybe that is why it is refreshingly simple, yet surprising. Ladies and Gentelman, let me introduce you to my new favourite brand, the Lover.

7 Feb 2010

The world of blazers

Soon there is time to leave your thick winter coat in the closet and, as much as you like your winter coat, take a deep breath of relief that it is enough to put on a light blazer. Ok, but what blazer?

5 Feb 2010

Smart building, smart working

Today I had a chance to visit the office of Veldhoen+company, which is a consulting firm in Activity Based Work styles. Basically what Veldhoen + Company does is they support clients in the implementation of a New Way of Working, by researching, developing and advising clients on sustainable work and office concepts.

I really like the concept of arranging the office around a mission of a company and aligning the building to its purpose, instead of other way round.
An example of a project done by Veldhoen+company, that I am particularly impressed with is the Hospital of the Future in Sittard.

The concept of the hospital is about making people feel good there. Usually that experience is quite miserable, partly due to sickness, partly however, due to the environment you are in. Well, in this case, all the factors that contributes to dissatisfaction of patients have been gathered, analysed and the solutions have been incorporated into the concept of the building.

As a starting point, the hospital only has single rooms for patients, each with a bathroom and an additional bed for family that would like to stay over (which partly helps with the workload of the nurses). The doctors dont have separate offices, they work in an open space, in order to share the information and treat THE PATIENT instead of treating the particular part of their body - by looking at a broad picture. The doctors need to cooperate and work as a team - seems like a good idea to me :)

The file of a patient can be accessed by the patient himself through the computer in the room, the patient also has access to the data on all sicknesses so that they can do some research on their own. One of the key principles behind the concept: information supply had to be entirely independent of time and place, both for the patient and for the doctors.

I couldn't find almost any pictures of the hospital in the internet, below thefore also some other projects done by this company: