27 Mar 2014

Why dishcloth shouldn't be fun?

Well, I don't know why, I just never saw any pretty one in my life before. They usually sell them in those ugly yellow and pink colors for some reason and I just never really gave it a thought.

And then yesterday my sister gave me these really cute ones from H&M Home. I saw it and I started to wonder why it never appeared to me that I need a matching dishcloth? Now I'm afraid there is no coming back after this discovery...

Here are some other cute ones from H&M, I love the giraffe!

26 Mar 2014

Lunch treatment

Do you like spinach?
I do! I like the baby spinach more than green salad or rucola leaves. And I love the combination of baby spinach, avocado and a blue cheese! Yummmmm!

Oh and if you try it, don't forget to add some lemon to the dressing - it will fit perfectly and will stop the avocado from going brown.