26 Oct 2011

Very valid proof for my intuition

I always thought that the so called women intuition does not really exist. I mean, it does exist but just not for me. Well last week has proven otherwise. I was going home from work via a shopping mall (please dont laugh, that is actually my way back home!) and I had this impulse to visit Mango as I havent been there since summer(!) When I approached the shop, a shop assistant came over and informed me that (1) all the stuff is 30% off for the next 1 hour, (2) I can win a trip to Madrid if I participate in a contest, (3) I can have a make up done by specialists in the shop. Well. Forget about (2) and (3) but (1)!!! What do you think? I think I love my women intuition that made me go to Mango at that exact day and that exact time...:)

23 Oct 2011


We went for a walk yesterday and found a variety of beautiful leaves. We have taken them home and I used them for an autumnish bouquet :) Do you like it?

12 Oct 2011

Cafe Arka

There is this little town nearby Krakow with cute old houses, typical architecture and, as it turns out, absolutely lovely cafe Arka. The owners are artists, so no wonder the place is decorated with taste and fantasy! I would recommend everyone who is around to step by and check it out.

9 Oct 2011

Sicily - best bed&breakfest

Out of all the hotels and B&B's that we stayed in, there was one place that we particularly enjoyed. It was near Agrigento, in the south of Sicily, where the famous site of Greek temples is located. It was an extremely peaceful place, filled with animals and extraordinary charm. Not only were we welcomed with a bottle of excellent house wine, but also we could use the swimming pool at the time of our arrival (midnight!) and even the bathroom was so welcoming: it had a complete shaving set for the gentleman and the so needed in the trip cosmetic pads for the lady! This was the first thing in the morning you would see after opening the doors:
And this is a couple of shots of the area around the Bed and Breakfest.

4 Oct 2011

Sicily - Vulcano

I think out of the whole holidays, the most beautiful place was the Vulcano island, one of the Eolian islands. As the name properly suggests, the island is pretty much a volcano. It is not active any more, therefore it is possible to go up to the canion and look inside! I loved the amazing views from the top of it! ...you just need to get used to the more or less intensive smell of sulfur....:)