26 Oct 2011

Very valid proof for my intuition

I always thought that the so called women intuition does not really exist. I mean, it does exist but just not for me. Well last week has proven otherwise. I was going home from work via a shopping mall (please dont laugh, that is actually my way back home!) and I had this impulse to visit Mango as I havent been there since summer(!) When I approached the shop, a shop assistant came over and informed me that (1) all the stuff is 30% off for the next 1 hour, (2) I can win a trip to Madrid if I participate in a contest, (3) I can have a make up done by specialists in the shop. Well. Forget about (2) and (3) but (1)!!! What do you think? I think I love my women intuition that made me go to Mango at that exact day and that exact time...:)