20 Mar 2011

Great start into Sunday

I so love my quiet Sunday mornings that I start with coffee and yoghurt over my favourite blogs. Today I found two great songs posted by That's Chic AND I got amazed with one of her outfits.

Unfortunately my blogging time is over now and I need to get to much less enterntaining stuff like grocery shopping, but I will leave you with a great video for a peaceful Sunday, found recently by M.

6 Mar 2011

D&G playing scrabble

I don't know if you have that in your country but in Poland in each self respecting bar with good crowd, there MUST be flat tv's hanging here and there, showing always FTV. Place I visited yesterday was not an exception. Imagine how difficult it was for me to stay in the conversation when a collection like this years' D&G RTW for Fall is being shown! I don't think it has ever happened that I would like a collection so... ENTIRELY. D&G RTW fall is the first to be so!