18 Nov 2010

Are you a grown up?

So this is me, an adult. Moving back to Poland was like growing up in the fast-forward mode :)
There are good things about being a real adult:
- you have a good excuse to buy a lot of new clothes, suitable for an adult, responsible woman
- you get a lot more respect from people when you are dressed in adult clothes (you can even keep up that respect if your nails are bright pink, I checked)
- you have a lovely apartment where no one else is making a mess but you
- plus an extra bonus, your family is happy (I think!)

So I have done the above, or actually I am still in the process of buying more adult clothes. Which is necessary, since growing up did not stop me from spilling things, falling on things, things falling on me... As a result, i need a lot of clothes, no joke.

So, to all adults out there. Controlled growing up is managable :)

PS: But I still cannot wait for the third week of December, when I am in Holland for a couple of days, planning on temporarily rewinding the growing up thingy!