30 Jun 2011


There is this very cool website Loft37 where you can make your own shoes. You choose the type of shoes, the colours of each shoe piece and on top of this, you can personalize the shoe with own wishes + embroided signature. Isn't that cute? And all of it for around 150 eur (inc shipping and personalization!)

6 Jun 2011

Just like that...

Just like that, this weekend was full of very cool events in Krakow.
For example, Friday evening, when we went to see laser lights animations shown on the walls of the Wawel castle. It looked absolutely amazing. I have one of the animations on the video below - it does not trully mirrors how it looked in reality, but have a look to check out yourself. The beginning of the video is more dark than the rest, so be patient when watching :)

2 Jun 2011

Busy busy busy

I think I have been even more busy than I usually am (don't ask me with what - I have absolutely no idea) - so I'm sorry for being so quiet. Updates are to come, but in the time being I just wanted to share with you some very cool photos of Christopher Boffoli that I know thanks to my dear friend Kim.