30 May 2010

Good morning, Sunday!

Before I start actually DOING something this Sunday, I had a lovely lazy morning of blog reading-coffee drinking-music listening... And of admiring pictures of Christophe Kutner

Some of them below... and something to listen in the meantime

The Queen of Hearts

Lovely film creation found on Ödland

Ödland, The Queen of Hearts. from Lorenzo Papace on Vimeo.

27 May 2010

Laces laces laces

I think I can only put up with a certain amount of a lace in an outfit... Conclusion comes from comparison of 3.1 Phillip Lim RST10 with Dolce & Gabbana S10 collection. Have a look yourself...


21 May 2010


So tomorrow I'm going for a long weekend to the south of Portugal, Faro, with my girls. It's quite late now, I m not quite packed yet and between a strong desire to just hit the bed, I also feel obliged to still do my nails... damn it, life choices!
Ok, I did start the packing for tomorrow only today after work (I should have known...), but why it has to be so time consuming??? Is three days, for God sake...

And even though I have spent last two hours trying to decide which 2 out of my 12 summer dresses I prefer the most (settled down for 4 of them), even though my one piece of hand luggage is completely full, I would always find the space for this dress found on nasty gal and the shorts from quail:

For now I'm off, wish me sun! :)

PS: Forget the nails, will do them in the morning... zzzzz...zzzz....

16 May 2010

Let your head go crazy!

This summer fashion is offering us neverending possibilities of a whole style expression on the top of our heads. Choices range from hairbands, straw hats, through crazy bows and flowers, up to printed turbans... Have a look below on how others managed the looks plus find the right accessories shops:


11 May 2010

Dreaming outfits

Toast of the town top
MinkPink chlorinated jeans
Chloe platform wedge sandals
Deux Lux Bonbon Mini Pouch

6 May 2010

I wanna have a roof terrace!

The S/S '10 Lookbook of the Keller features very cool clothes (important!) but also reminds me why I always dreamed about an appartment with a roof terrace.

See, having a roof terrace would allow me to do a lot of my favourite things...

The pictures are made by Matt Sundin - and I luv them!

5 May 2010

Short version of a weekend

Today is a Dutch public holiday, which means we got to have a day off, all of a sudden, in a middle of the week. Such a nice thing! Two more public holidays to come within this month plus the holiday allowance is also being paid this month. And how not to love May??

Below my friend Kimmy being nicely 'patternized' plus myself plus my very colourful tulips (that somehow bravely survived four hours without water during our long-lasting coffee time in the city!)

And here is the song of the day

2 May 2010

Amazing world of Lizzie Fortunato Jewels

Today I got really amazed by the little pieces of art that are made by twin sisters, Elizabeth and Kathryn under the name Lizzie Fortunato Jewels. Have a look at a couple of pieces:

These pieces I found on shopbop and charm & chain.

Actually, I myself posses a slightly less expensive necklace of a similar kind...