21 May 2010


So tomorrow I'm going for a long weekend to the south of Portugal, Faro, with my girls. It's quite late now, I m not quite packed yet and between a strong desire to just hit the bed, I also feel obliged to still do my nails... damn it, life choices!
Ok, I did start the packing for tomorrow only today after work (I should have known...), but why it has to be so time consuming??? Is three days, for God sake...

And even though I have spent last two hours trying to decide which 2 out of my 12 summer dresses I prefer the most (settled down for 4 of them), even though my one piece of hand luggage is completely full, I would always find the space for this dress found on nasty gal and the shorts from quail:

For now I'm off, wish me sun! :)

PS: Forget the nails, will do them in the morning... zzzzz...zzzz....

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