9 Apr 2014

Tulips are out :)

which makes me happy everytime I look outside through the balcony door :) Happy Wednesday everyone!

4 Apr 2014

A little spring on my balcony

Today I made step one of decorating my balcony for the summer season; mainly I cleaned it (!) and planted some first flowers. It definitely is just a beginning - my balcony has a very unfortunate shape, it's really long and narrow and for now just the left corner is organized. But as it is still beginning of April, I am not worried about it.
Left corner of the balcony is next to the living room so now looking through the balcony door I can already see the flowers, which makes me very happy!

I would love to have a wider balcony but I know that even smallest one can be turned into spectacular space, have a look at some inspiration photos, from here
So no complaining, just keeping up work and buying more pots & flowers :)

27 Mar 2014

Why dishcloth shouldn't be fun?

Well, I don't know why, I just never saw any pretty one in my life before. They usually sell them in those ugly yellow and pink colors for some reason and I just never really gave it a thought.

And then yesterday my sister gave me these really cute ones from H&M Home. I saw it and I started to wonder why it never appeared to me that I need a matching dishcloth? Now I'm afraid there is no coming back after this discovery...

Here are some other cute ones from H&M, I love the giraffe!

26 Mar 2014

Lunch treatment

Do you like spinach?
I do! I like the baby spinach more than green salad or rucola leaves. And I love the combination of baby spinach, avocado and a blue cheese! Yummmmm!

Oh and if you try it, don't forget to add some lemon to the dressing - it will fit perfectly and will stop the avocado from going brown.

7 Feb 2014

Geometric tiles

If there is one thing I am the most happy about in my flat, is the geometric kitchen tiles which I still really like.

However, if I was to redo the flat from scratch, I would probably decide to go for pale one color kitchen wall and instead do even more of geometric tiles by putting them on the floor. Companies like Vives ceramica or Purpura are really making me want to have a new place to furnish!!