25 Mar 2012

Good news

... And that is, an interesting concert that for a change, I can attend, taking place in Krakow. I am really happy that Julia Marcell will play this Friday in Fabryka

17 Mar 2012


I had a lovely day at the zoo :)

Lazy sun

It's such a springish feeling this weekend as we have a forecast for a sunny weather with 20 degrees! That is NOT usual around here. I plan to spend the time outdoor playing with my cute nephew Leon alias Gluton but before I go, here is a portion of my favourite pastel yellows for you - just about right for the weather like this!

9 Mar 2012

Medzilaborce - "mesto pop-artu"

Did you know that the second largest collection of Andy Warhol art is in Andy Warhol Museum in Medzilaborce? Did you know that his family was born nearby this very little town, kind of in the middle of nowhere in North Slovakia? Well if you didn't know, let the consolation be that I know only since this last weekend. We were in the area and decided to step by to the museum. The city seemed to be completely dead, at the museum parking there was only one other car... It is unbelievable that in this little town you can find: a church, tesco and a huge Warhol museum! I must say, it was interesting but quite scary to be in this big museum the two of us all alone.. quite scary actually :) But I got to know some of his work that I did not know before... which is what it is all about, right? :)