27 Feb 2010

Some swimming?

Oh finally some blogging! I am sorry for the long break in writing, I don't know when my time was going...

Anyhow, this week I went to the town in search for a one-piece swimming suit. We have talked with my colleagues a bit about the swimming suits and I was surprised by the general opinion that the one-piece swimming suits are out-of-date. Well, I personally think they are experiencing a big come back. One-piece are cool because:
- they are more comfy
- they hide your tommy, if you are not ready for the summer just yet
- they are harder to lose: just one piece to keep track of, rather than two!

So here is the proof: below the nicest and coolest one-piece swimming suits that I managed to find! Lets get ready for some swimming:)

1 comment:

  1. Oh wow: the black one from Anthro is exactly like the one I was talking about which I saw on a beach in Sydney... So cute!
    I love the Issa one too.

    And the one like you got looks fantastic! Classy yet very cool... I bet you looked amazing at the pool!