13 Aug 2010

Getting older

No, I do not have birthday today... However, today morning, I was checking the Facebook of my dear cousin Ola and I loved the songs that she was posting there - and I realized, I didn't know those songs! That's the music of the next generation! I used to show her my music!! Now my little cousin is all grown up and instead, I m all old and outdated...aaaaaaaaa!

Promise number 1: by checking the music of my cousin, I will pretend that I m following the music developments.

If promise number 1 fails, I will

Promise number 2: keep my grounds that back in the days the music was simply better. :)

As for today's fullfillment of promise number 1, here is to all of you who, as me, realized, after 25 its easy to become very quickly much less cool...

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