16 Aug 2010

I luv Greece...

I did not get yet to write about Greece. And Greece was amazing. I still keep my flight ticket, just for memory:)

What I will remember the most and why:

1) Very top of Lukavittos hill in the middle of the night - for amazing view and thoughts on how suprisingly small this world is

2) Anafiotika - for wondering how this cute maze of tiny little streets and houses can be hidden so well in peace, just 5 minutes away from the "city jungle"...*

3) Stoned wall on the outer side of Hydra - for beautiful sunset, amazing view on the harbour and no crowd around.

4) Open air cinema in the heart of Athens - for carefuly selected good movies that you have never had a chance to see before, for a view on Akropolis and for cinema time with simultanous cigarette and ice cream!

5) Cute restaurant right by the sea in the ancient Epidavros. For good mood and good food.

6) Enlighted petrol stations in the middle of the night. For petrol, when you think you are not gonna make it home cause all other stations are closed...

7) Tent almost next to sea - for the simplicity of good time

*Every now and then you might see a lost tourist desperately looking for entrance to Akropolis and melting fast in 40 degrees sun.

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