10 Jul 2010

Summer heat

Ok, having above 30 degrees temperatures in consecutive 2-3 weeks...

In these times you realise that most of you summer clothes are somehow way too thick (Black t-shirt? What was i thinking?? Leggins to the mini skirt???).
TGFS - Thank God For Sales- you get new summer clothes. You only feel like wearing white... even if normally takes u less than 5 minutes to get any white clothes dirty. Still. You take the risk. You buy an orange lipstick to add some edge to white clothes you are wearing. White clothes - orange lips - brown skin - blue sky.

And suddenly the best timing to get an ice coffee at the terrase is at midnight...

Summer caught us by surprise, but please, let it last...

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  1. Orange lipstick photo- http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Feature_Assortment/jcrewcollection.jsp

    Beach photo - http://www.ithyle.com/

    Beach dress - roxy.com