31 Oct 2010

Goodbye and tot ziens, Maastricht!

I have just left Maastricht permanently. It was very busy two weeks of last lunches, last suppers (lol), last volleyball trainings.. and moreover, packing packing packing. It is absolutely unbelievable how much stuff humans accumulate. Or it's not humans, it's just me. Anyways, 140 kg of only my personal belongings are travelling to Poland with the post as we speak, and, fingers crossed, they shall arrive mid of next week.

I don't want to take time here saying how much Maastricht means to me, cause it sounds so overdramatic when I try to express it. Let's just say that I will not forget how amazing time I had there with great great people.

Above the poster that I got from my friends...

I will be back! Xmas party, here I come :)

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