12 Oct 2010

What I wore this week?

Do you know Brinja from Danemark? If not, quick introduction.
Brinja has an adorable daughter. I need to start from that because the girl is just so cute, especially when paired together with the daughter of her sister! You probably also have that, that when you see a picture of a kid, it makes you go like "oooohhhhhhhhhhhh". Yes. So now imagine that the picture contains two equally cute little baby girls! (and the word "equally" in this case can be taken literally).
Moreover, and maybe more relevant to this post, Brinja has a blog. And the blog (don't worry, I am getting there with my story!) contains a very cool serie called "What you wore this week".

Aaaand I was featured this week, check it out yourself! See, that was the point of the story, hahaha!



  1. hello! i found you via brinja's post - lovely :)

  2. Hi Joanna!
    Congratulations on your "modeling week" at Brinja's! You are beautiful! I wish you the best for the future.
    Aude's mom

  3. Thank you so much! Lovely to see you visited my blog :) I visited yours, too. I can see where Audie gets her talent to make great pictures!