4 Oct 2010

Sth About Holland

Looking through my profile on Facebook I found back a note I wrote one and a half years ago "12 reasons why I like Holland". Now, facing my moving back to Poland within 3 weeks of time, is I think a good time to post the note here!

1. For the average height. 185 for guys, 171 for girls. Would I have a life in, let's say, Wietnam (respectively162 and 152)...?

2. For the sincere highest appreciation for anything that could be called sun.

3. For teaching me how to bike properly. Anyone who thinks he knows it, I say, come over and try it here. Try in heavy rain, with wind blowing straight into your face, up the bridge (cause there are no hills). In a skirt. Tight skirt, I suggest.

4. For having no hills around - biking wouldn't be possible. For hiking, Belgium is round the corner.

5. For lazy Sunday afternoons in Coffee Lovers. Actually, Coffee Lovers could be a reason in itself.

6. For Stroopwafels. Full of calories, but so freakin' good!

7. For continuous misspelling my name and/or address on the tickets from a police.

8. For daring to play Dutch carnival/oktoberfest songs at the parties in the bars. First found it annoying, now amusing.

9. For no dubbing in TV. Germany has a lot to learn in this respect.

10. For the greatest celebration in the year..... when Santa is coming to town (three weeks, by the way).

11. For the funniest sound of bye - "OI OI"

12. For no longer "you, in Maastricht" but "we in Maastricht".

PS: Small correction about reason 8: I still find it annoying. I must have been in a really good mood when writing that note, haha! The rest of the reasons still valid!


  1. I will add an extra number:

    13. For all the amazing friendships, with Dutch people but most of all with other non-Dutchies from all around the world.

    I really don't know what Holland is going to be without our Polish representative in three weeks... I'm going to miss you!

  2. Most of all with non-Dutchies! With some very special Swiss lady, for instance :) Will miss you too...

  3. I like the list :)